japandreams:All characteres of cats from Studio Ghibli’s

All characteres of cats from Studio Ghibli’s


24 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge: Day 20 → The Adventure

Studio Ghibli released The Cat Returns, which was originally a promotional project that eventually expanded to a full-length feature film. The Cat Returns conveys the usual characteristic of a cat that absolutely crawls under my skin: the playful paw with razor sharp claws and the hiss face when threaten and exposed. However, there are exceptional cats with very attractive traits of loyalty and nobility - Baron and Prince of the Cat Kingdom strongly display these humble characteristics. While Muta embodies the unattractive stereotype of laziness and selfishness, but underneath all that fluff, he has quite the personality and physicality that even Baron is unmatched for. Honestly, a trip with a bland group to an incredible place such as the Cat Kingdom would be tedious beyond belief. Baron and Muta is an infectious duel that can turn a lovely place to an unforgettable adventure. Who wouldn’t trade places with Haru?